Waves of Leaving

We have begun this leg of our adventure in waves – waves of organization, waves of leaving, waves of good-byes, and alternating waves of excitement and melancholy. After more than a solid six months of planning and preparation, Colburn, the kids, and Fig all left Reno in late July to drive east and see his family.  Our truck, now nicknamed Olaf,  has everything we will use over the next year – a four person roof-top tent, camping gear, two jerry cans,Read more

A New Chapter, A New Adventure 

It’s been two years since we returned to the US and posted about our adventures. We settled back in to our old life – our old house, the kids at their old school, my old work – and yet everything was different, not in a tangible way, but more like a rub in your shoe that you can only feel after many miles.  It was a subtle but constant irritation.  A whole year passed waiting for the feeling to eitherRead more

Morocco – 52 Days from Timbuktu

“Fifty-two days” responded Mohammed, our Berber guide, when queried how long it would take to get to Timbuktu.  “By camel” he added when noticing our quizzical facial expressions.  My first though it that fifty-two days on a camel would be torturous, but the idea of fifty-two days on a camel through the Sahara seems down right impossible.  We were only on the camels three days and had enough.  Fifty-two days seems unfathomable.  The salt traders were a heartier folk thanRead more

And On to Kenya!

When we were first planning our trip we offered an open invitation for anyone who wanted to join us to choose where or when they wanted to meet us and we would do our best to arrange our schedule accordingly. Not surprisingly, it ends up that Africa was the big winner for folks being willing to pack up and travel halfway across the world to come join us.  After four weeks with the Lowell’s (Deb’s brother and his family), weRead more

Road Trip African Style

After a phenomenal game viewing experience in Tanzania, we headed off to Southern Africa for a self-drive road trip with the Lowell’s (Deb’s brother and his family who had joined us in Tanzania). A thirty-two hour travel day dropped us off in Zimbabwe to see Victoria Falls and begin driving ourselves “half way across Africa” as Laura would term it. Mosi-oa-Tunya (Victoria Falls) itself was as impressive as one might imagine.  Having skipped Iguazu Falls on the Argentina/Brazil border, weRead more

The Circle of Life – But Not Like the Song

“This is the circle of life, but it’s not like the song” said Mac after witnessing a lioness hunt and kill a baby gnu then feed it to a group of cubs.  For the better part of an hour we watched and followed a single lioness hunt along the shores of an alkaline lake in the Ndutu Region of Tanzania, just outside of Serengeti National Park.  Moments before, we had watched as she left three cubs and two of herRead more