The Most Perfect Week Ever

Traveling is different than vacation.  Vacation is for relaxing and having “down time”, but traveling is  hard work.  Yes, it great fun and there is little else we would rather be doing, but at least the way we travel, it is also a lot of work. We need to have an idea of not only where we want to go and what we want to do, but also how to get there, what is needed before we get there (i.e.Read more

Travel Vignettes

This is a hodgepodge of short thoughts we have had recently, none of which warrant a full post so are put together. A Boy and His Dog(s) Anybody who knows us, even a little, knows that we love dogs. Apparently, we have passed this affliction on to our children because they both fawn over any friendly dog we pass. We have found dogs to love in nearly every city, town, and hamlet we have passed through. This longing has seemed toRead more

Pride, Grit, and the Power of MineCraft

If there is one thing that this trip has taught us, it is that we tend to take the more difficult path towards our goals.  We rarely choose the easy way.  Trekking in Nepal was no different.  We faced a conundrum choosing among the myriad of hiking possibilities, each with their own benefits and drawbacks.  We considered doing the Annapurna Circuit, but decided that it would be much too crowded at this time of the year.  We really liked theRead more