Luck of the Irish – Ireland

Sometimes everything goes your way, sometimes it doesn’t.  We knew going into it that the weather in Ireland in May can be unsettled. It can be a fabulously beautiful time with the most spring colors across the Emerald Isle or it can be cold, wet and miserable.  After our amazing good fortune for weather in Scotland, we were hesitant to believe that our luck could hold out.  Fortunately for us, we were blessed with extremely good weather for the entirety ofRead more

A Love Affair – Scotland

When we first came to Scotland on our way to Africa in 2017, it was a quick three week ‘grand tour’ trying to see everything while still setting aside more than a week for walking the West Highland Way.  We barely scratched the surface on that trip, but all of us said that if we were ever to come live in a place for a while to see what that kind of travel was like, it would be somewhere inRead more

Are You My People?

“Are you my people? Oh, no, you’re the North Americans who signed in yesterday!”” exclaimed the wildlife ranger as we were enjoying sundowners on the second night of our self-drive through Botswana.  Still confused, we asked who it was that he was looking for?  “Oh, there were reservations for people who did not show up last night and I am worried.  It is the rainy season and the roads aren’t good.  People get in to trouble when they are stuckRead more

The Ultimate Homeschool Science Course

By the end of our trip, our kids will have spent 13 weeks doing wildlife research and conservation volunteering in Africa.  If you include the community volunteering, it rises to 18 weeks.  This struck me when we were working with a college intern doing a 12-week assignment cataloging wild dog pack dynamics in northern Namibia.  Our kids will have spent more time in the field than a college semester requires for a full-time internship.  Not a bad way for aRead more

Learning About a Genocide: Rwanda

Please note that much of the following description of our time in Rwanda may be very disturbing if you are not familiar with the Rwandan Genocide. We absolutely enjoyed Rwanda, but the history is full of pain. Now often considered the rising star of East Africa, Rwanda is a place different from the others in the area. It is a small country, about the size of Massachusetts, set high in the tropical mountains of the middle of the continent. SomeRead more

The Pearl of Africa: Uganda

We really enjoyed Uganda.  I’m not sure why it surprised me, but it did.  After nearly constant stress, frustration, and disappointment in Kenya, Uganda was a welcoming and gentle place.  Leaving Kenya we were harassed by two of the most obnoxious fixers to date.  Despite politely declining their services with increasing firmness, they men harangued us until I finally told one guy what an ass he was.  He responded with both racist and misogynistic antagonisms quite literally until we droveRead more

Volunteering in Kenya

When we made the decision to return to traveling, we knew that we didn’t want to move as quickly as we had during our first trip.  Moving through 39 countries in 24 months was much too fast.  Also, when we were first discussing the possibilities of what we would do while traveling, Mac had brought up a desire to give back to the communities through which we travel rather than simply consuming what they have to offer.  These two aspectsRead more


Wow, was this an adventure! When we originally came to Africa in 2014, our first stop was a guided safari in the Serengeti and Ngorogoro region of Tanzania. We were traveling with my brother and his family in two Land Cruisers, driven by professional guides and staying in lodges and tented camps. It was very comfortable as everything was taken care of for us; airport pick-up, permits, driving, gas refueling, meals, hot showers, etc. were all arranged by our safariRead more

Heading North: Malawi and Tanzania

Leaving Tofo Mozambique was difficult for us. As Lucia noted, we spent longer settled in Tofo than any other location outside of our home in Nevada. We had made new friends, learned new skills, and became familiar with the community. It was a wonderful experience which we were sad to see end. However, the definition of traveling is moving from place to place, so we embarked on a road trip north through Mozambique, Malawi and Tanzania. Driving away from DurbanRead more