A New Chapter, A New Adventure 

It’s been two years since we returned to the US and posted about our adventures. We settled back in to our old life – our old house, the kids at their old school, my old work – and yet everything was different, not in a tangible way, but more like a rub in your shoe that you can only feel after many miles.  It was a subtle but constant irritation.  A whole year passed waiting for the feeling to eitherRead more

End of a Chapter

We are finally back in our house after 24 months and 22 days on the road.  What a grand adventure this has been, yet coming home is bittersweet.  We actually arrived in the US in mid-May, in time for the kids to visit potential schools before the schools let out for the summer. Getting back before school ended necessitated moving up our schedule up by 6 weeks and cutting out biking the Danube.  We will have to leave that adventureRead more

Morocco – 52 Days from Timbuktu

“Fifty-two days” responded Mohammed, our Berber guide, when queried how long it would take to get to Timbuktu.  “By camel” he added when noticing our quizzical facial expressions.  My first though it that fifty-two days on a camel would be torturous, but the idea of fifty-two days on a camel through the Sahara seems down right impossible.  We were only on the camels three days and had enough.  Fifty-two days seems unfathomable.  The salt traders were a heartier folk thanRead more

Peaceful Papua

Located off the north-western side of the island which is split between the countries of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, Raja Ampat is an archipelago in the middle of the Coral Triangle with incredible marine diversity.  We ventured here because it holds some of the last pristine coral reefs anywhere in the world.  Noted naturalist and broadcaster, David Attenborough (Mac’s idol since he was 5 years old) says that a single reef in Raja Ampat can contain more species ofRead more

The Unknown

As I stood at the sink of the hut doing the breakfast dishes on our last day of trekking, I asked the woman standing next to me, a Danish mother of an 8 month old baby, what their plans were for the day.  Expecting to hear, “heading out”, “going to see the lake” or something similarly safe, I was moderately surprised when she replied, “Heading to MacKenzie”, a trekking hut some 12 kilometers over a moderately steep alpine pass away. Read more

At Home in a Foreign Land

Travel in Asia is hard, really hard. There are a number of aspects which began to wear on us after a while – the different conception of personal space, a near constant jockeying to get in front of the next person wether it be on the road or in a shop or waiting for a table. The myriad of different languages and dialects makes being able to speak more than a few words nearly impossible and charades necessary to conveyRead more

A Kid’s Guide to Trekking

By Lucia As a kid coming from the USA, I never thought that I would be taken on an around the world trip by my crazy parents. But I did, and I have picked up on a few things about fashion, food and fun that can make trekking more enjoyable. Fashion When we were in Nepal, we went on a twelve-day trek and brought way more stuff then we needed. Here is a list of some of the things thatRead more

The Most Perfect Week Ever

Traveling is different than vacation.  Vacation is for relaxing and having “down time”, but traveling is  hard work.  Yes, it great fun and there is little else we would rather be doing, but at least the way we travel, it is also a lot of work. We need to have an idea of not only where we want to go and what we want to do, but also how to get there, what is needed before we get there (i.e.Read more

Travel Vignettes

This is a hodgepodge of short thoughts we have had recently, none of which warrant a full post so are put together. A Boy and His Dog(s) Anybody who knows us, even a little, knows that we love dogs. Apparently, we have passed this affliction on to our children because they both fawn over any friendly dog we pass. We have found dogs to love in nearly every city, town, and hamlet we have passed through. This longing has seemed toRead more