The End of Six Months in South America

We have been on the road in Central and South America for six months.  As we are wrapping up this phase, we wanted to reflect upon what the trip has held for us so far.  South America has been a grand adventure – trekking, rafting, snorkeling, zip-lining, hiking, surfing, etc.  We have experienced a range of situations that have tested our limits.  We have navigated our way through an entire continent in a different language, not always smoothly, but we’veRead more

Galapagos – The Second Half

By Deb Our time on the Galapagos Archipelago was fantastic, yet words will probably do little to explain the magic of being there. The setting is stark and unforgiving, yet the life that survives there is placid and phenomenally beautiful.  It was surreal to be able to watch the wildlife from such proximity that we would have to move away from them to maintain the required 6 foot distance.  They do not run away from humans, but rather seemed intriguedRead more

No Need for Binoculars

By Colburn I am a total amateur naturalist hack, my children are clearer on some concepts than I am. Therefore, I do not claim anything I write can be thought of as fact, true or believable.  I couldn’t begin to compete with Mr. Darwin, the BBC or National Geographic.  However, I am on fire with fascination with the Galapagos – and, yes, most of what I am describing hopefully will make you want to look some of these ideas upRead more

And on to Ecuador!

After a long travel day, we made it to Quito in the wee hours of September 2.   We had rented a sweet old colonial house in the old section of town.  After a few pretty “basic” weeks in Costa Rica, we felt as if we were living the high life with a full kitchen, four levels, and private bedrooms!  And, best of all, the climate had gone from hot, sweaty and buggy to cool and dry!  Quito is atRead more