The End of Six Months in South America

We have been on the road in Central and South America for six months.  As we are wrapping up this phase, we wanted to reflect upon what the trip has held for us so far.  South America has been a grand adventure – trekking, rafting, snorkeling, zip-lining, hiking, surfing, etc.  We have experienced a range of situations that have tested our limits.  We have navigated our way through an entire continent in a different language, not always smoothly, but we’veRead more

What We Have Learned So Far

Time flies…especially when you are having fun! We have just completed our second month on the road and it’s hard to believe that it has been that long because time has passed so quickly. Three weeks in the US, four weeks Costa Rica and one in Nicaragua has bolstered our travel-confidence in that we have faced mild challenges by navigating land border crossings solely in Spanish, fended off raging mosquitos, dealt with stifling heat/humidity, and eventually found our way toRead more

Costa Rica and Nicaragua – Getting our Travel-legs

When we were putting together our initial itinerary, we knew that we wanted to start of with something easy – something that was different enough from what we usually do that it was interesting but would allow us to get our travel-legs underneath us without freaking out too much.  We decided on Costa Rica as a good place to start.  We would be able to see lots of “different things” and get from place to place easily.  Realistically, it isRead more

Things the Kids Won’t Write About in Their Blogs

In no particular order, some interesting things that the kids have said since leaving – “I’m excited to take Spanish lessons so that I won’t be locked out of the Spanish-speaking world….but I guess that is how Spanish-speaking people feel about the English speaking world.”  Mac – after a week in Costa Rica. “If it was up to me, I would give $1,000 to each family so that they could have a safe place to live and all of theRead more