The End of Six Months in South America

We have been on the road in Central and South America for six months.  As we are wrapping up this phase, we wanted to reflect upon what the trip has held for us so far.  South America has been a grand adventure – trekking, rafting, snorkeling, zip-lining, hiking, surfing, etc.  We have experienced a range of situations that have tested our limits.  We have navigated our way through an entire continent in a different language, not always smoothly, but we’veRead more

Why We Love Patagonia

We love mountains, we really do, and like the desert an awful lot as well.  This is why we like our hometown of Reno so much – technically we live in the desert yet are 15 minutes from some of the most beautiful mountains in the United States.  We have the benefit of a dry, sunny climate and can drive to “the snow” in a matter of minutes for our outdoor fix.  This might be why we have fallen inRead more

Extreme Bar-hopping with Kids

So, are you a bad parent if you take your 8 & 10 year old kids to a sub-zero bar?  See what you think… The story behind this is that we went to visit the Glaciarium, a museum all about glaciers. After touring the glaciers Perito Moreno, Spagezzini, and Upsala the other day, we were interested in learning a little more about how glaciers are formed, how they change the landscape, etc. so went to the local glacier museum. TheRead more